Liposuction, casually referred to as ‘Lipo’ is a cosmetic surgery procedure to reshape the body parts by slimming them down which is done by removing the excess fat. Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity and shall not be assumed as a substitute to healthy lifestyle habits. Liposuction is suggested for a person who is otherwise healthy but have fat stored I specific body parts. Liposuction is basically a body contouring technique which is most commonly used for upper arms, abdomen, butts and thighs.

Before initiating the liposuction treatment, the plastic surgeon creates markings on the body parts which are to be treated and the specific areas which need to be suctioned are marked in circles. Incisions (3mm to 4mm in length) are set in the hidden areas. At Aestiva Clinic, a local anesthesia and mild sedation are given for small volume liposuction while a general anesthesia is preferred for large volume liposuction.

Area to be treated with Liposuction

  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Upper Arms
  • Back
  • Stomach
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Calves

Why Liposuction Treatment?

  • Liposuction provides optimum results as compared to non-invasive procedures
  • One treatment can treat all your problem areas.

Indications for Liposuction:

1. Body contouring

1.1 Treatment for multiple lipomas:

Lipomatosis causes multiple lipomas in some people, which means the existence of clumps of fat accumulated in various body parts. Though it is considered a benign condition it results in disfiguring the patient’s body.

Multiple lipomas occur in a condition called lipomatosis which occurs in some people. It is characterized by a number of lumps of fat occurring all over the body. Despite being a benign condition, it is often a cosmetically disfiguring condition. The traditional way to treat multiple lipomas was to expunge individual lipomas mainly if they were causing pain or were prominently visible. This procedure leaves scars which eventually fade.

1.2 Microliposuction:

Microliposuction is an advanced cosmetic surgery procedure to remove fat from small areas including cheeks, chin and neck. The instruments used for s microliposuction treatment are very fine and therefore, cause minimal discomfort to the patients. In this procedure, the small diameter cannulas (2mm) are used. This is a quick surgical procedure which is done under local anesthesia and the patient can resume daily activities the very next day. There are no health risks except for mild pain, bruising, or swelling.

2. Double chin reduction

The most commonly used cosmetic surgery procedure for treating a double chin is Microliposuction. As already mentioned, Microliposuction is performed under local anaesthesia and uses very fine cannulas. The procedure includes removal of fat from submental area and post procedure Dr. Mrinalini Sharma advises her patients to wear a chin strap for optimum results for at least a first few weeks.


Obesity is when a person is overweight and exceeds the ideal BMI range. There are bariatric treatments which can treat an obese person. Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, top Plastic Surgeon in Delhi, suggest Liposuction treatment for people who have a healthy BMI range but have accumulated fat in specific specific areas of the body like abdomen, hips, thighs etc. and is not able to manage weight through exercise and diet.

In a Liposuction treatment fat cells are removed from your body so it won’t grow back. So, the areas of your body that are treated with liposuction remain in shape. However, for a healthy lifestyle and to manage your ideal overall weight healthy diet and regular exercise are advised.

Dr. Mrinalini Sharma advises her patients to rest for a couple of days post liposuction surgery and you can resume work after that. It is suggested not to indulge in heavy exercise or weight training for around a month.

Your surgeon will suggest you to wear elastic garments customized for you. This elastic/compression garment will help in tightening your skin and control the internal bleeding after the treatment. Dr. Mrinalini advises to wear these garments beneath your regular clothes for initial few months depending on the extent of the liposuction treatment performed.

Tumescent anesthesia (a local anesthetic solution is injected) can be used for performing liposuction on small areas which will relieve pain. But the larger areas requires general or spinal anesthesia.

Post a liposuction surgery the patients will be discharged in a day or on the same day in some cases. There can be mild bruises or swelling which will recover between a week to a fortnight post-op. Heavy exercises are to be avoided for first few months though light exercises can be done. The complete results will be visible within a few months.

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