Ear Reshaping

Ear shaping which is also known as otoplasty and pinnaplasty is the most effective treatment to change the size of the ear lobe and to construct in some cases of congenital defects. Ear reshaping is the surgical procedure to change the shape and size of the ear and also sometimes it is helpful to pin them if they stick out.

It helps to correct deformities caused due to any injury and solve problems related to hear and communicate. The most important and common aesthetic procedure is the correction of the protruding ear.

Ideal Candidates

  1. Have protruding ears
  2. Absent part of the ear
  3. Torn ear lobes
  4. Not Suitable for the children below the age five


The procedure of ear reshaping is done under the general anesthesia involves placing of incisions in inconspicuous areas. The size and shape of the ear will be corrected. This procedure usually takes the short period of time to complete. The second most common procedure is ear lobule repairing. Patients are advised not to wear any jewellery or earrings for few days after the procedure and new piercing can be done after few days after monitoring the complete recovery.

Postoperative Care

Patients may feel discomfort due to mild pain but proper medication will them to get relief. Until the head dressing, hair styling and shampooing should be avoided. They should consult immediately with their consult doctor if the dressing falls off because the treated areas should be covered to reduce chances of any postoperative side effects and complications.

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