Lip Reduction / Augmentation

Perfect curvy lips with the central pout are the dream of many to have perfect selfies these days. They are the hallmark of the beauty of a woman. With the lip plumping treatment, you can get the enhanced and desired shape of the lips. Lips are the beautiful curve of your body and define your beauty. Enhance your beauty with the flawless by undergoing the treatment of lip augmentation by the hand of Dr. Mrinalini Sharma.

Lip plumping or augmentation is the treatment to give satisfaction or happiness to those who are not happy and satisfies with the size and shape of their lips. Some people want to have the big or small size of their lips because natural shape of their lips is not giving them an appealing look to their overall face and make it less attractive.

It can be done by various techniques available such as dermal fillers, lip implants or fat grafting. The procedure is very popular among patients. The procedure of lip reduction or enhancement aims to give you the representation lip profile after reducing or enhancing your lips. It will give you fuller lips by restoring volume, more younger looking appearance.

The ideal candidates for lip plumping surgery are:

  1. Less volume of lips
  2. Want to have defined lip profile, fuller lips, and attractive central pout
  3. A candidate should be healthy
  4. Have realistic expectations from the outcomes
  5. Post traumatic deformity of lips
  6. Asymmetrical lips

The Procedure

Lips are the most sensitive part of the body and play an important role in enhancing your facial beauty, so this treatment is a task of responsibility. Dr. Mrinalini Sharma consults and guide every patient prior the procedure about its outcomes and then make them allow to set their expectations for the results.

The procedure can be done by different techniques such as dermal fillers which contain hyaluronic acid and provide the volume and type of plumping patients required, lip implants can be done after placing implants to provide volume and enhance the natural shape of the lips, and fat grafting that will be done when surgeon uses fat from the other parts of the patients and inject it using fine cannulas to give natural look to the lips. Patients can see the visible results immediately after the procedure.

Post-Procedure Care

Minimal discomfort due to swelling but it will settle down within the time. Smoking and alcohol should be prohibited. The result will stay up to 1 year that depends on the type of fillers that has been used.

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