Scar Correction

Scars make your face look uneven and disgraceful. Scars are the sequel of any infection or trauma on the skin. Some scars are temporary and some are permanent. Scars can be the result of injuries or diseases like acne, burns, cuts etc. They make us feel conscious and we start losing our confidence because of our appearance.

Scar correction treatment under the guidance of Dr. Mrinalini Sharma is the best solution to get rid of the scars and get visible results with the beautiful appearance after the surgery. The surgery helps to reduce the appearance of scars and restore mobility and flexibility of the treated areas and scar tissues can also be removed by the scar correction surgery. The result of scar correction surgery will be the reduction of scar or less noticeable.

Ideal Candidates

  1. He/she should be physically and mentally healthy
  2. Have realistic expectations
  3. No skin diseases or disorders

Treatments Available

1. Scar Revision(Surgical)

The treatment is done under the general anesthesia and involves removal of entire scar surgically and then again join the skin. The outcomes vary from person to person depends on many factors such as appearance and size of the scar, the reason behind the scar, overall health of the patient and skin, type and condition of the skin, tone, and texture of the skin etc.

Benefits of scar revision treatment:

  1. To minimize the scar and reduce its appearance to mix it with the natural tone of the skin.
  2. It will help to improve the tone and texture of the skin
  3. Even out the uneven layers of the skin because of the scars

2. Laser Technique - superficial scars

It is a result of technological development and advancement in health care industry that laser technology is being used for many treatments and preferred by doctors. We never believed that any treatment is available which can correct the scars caused due to injuries, acne scars etc. Lasers which are new in aesthetics is a revolutionary solution for the scar correction.


  1. Best solution for the removal and correction of scar
  2. To treat deeper scars and skin tones
  3. Remove the uppermost layer of the skin and allow the new skin layer to appear to give a natural and scar-free look.

Chemical Peels

The procedure starts with the application of chemical peels over the treated areas. Then the chemical is peeled away that will remove the top layer of the skin and allows the new and healthier skin to achieve. The new and revealing skin will be more vibrant and smoother.

Benefits of scar correction treatment

  • It is a safe and effective procedure to correct scars and get the graceful appearance.
  • To treat skin conditions like acne scars, dark spots, scarring, sagging, and wrinkles.


Patients will see results according to their expectations if they follow medication recommended by the doctor. They should avoid and protect their treated areas from direct sunlight because it may cause permanent redness, burns, loss of pigment in the skin and breakdown of the collagen. Alcohol and smoking are not good for the candidates after the procedure because it will slow the pace of healing process and increases the chances of side-effects. They should avoid heavy exercises and workout after the procedure for few days or weeks because they will put stress on treated areas.

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