Vampire Face Lift

A Vampire facelift is a revolutionary treatment for facial rejuvenation after using the patient's own blood and gives a natural look. As the doctor uses patient's own blood so the chances of infection or any such risks are minimal. It is followed by incredible anti-aging results like skin tightening, collagen remodeling, skin lifting, volumizing and overall natural and brightening of the face and neck. The vampire facelift treatment is a painless and minimally invasive procedure.

People mostly get confused between these two treatments – the 'Vampire face-lift' and the 'face-lift' because of the name. However, both the treatments involve different procedures and therefore, the different results. Vampire facelift does not give a new shape to your neck, jawline or lower neck and includes no restructuring of the underlying tissues like a surgical procedure of facelift. That’s why the Vampire Facelift is also referred to as the Non-Surgical Facelift.

Ideal Candidates For Vampire Face lift

  • Improve facial appearance by reducing frown lines, light forehead wrinkles, smile lines and crow's feet etc.
  • Want to regain skin's elasticity
  • Want to have younger looking face
  • Should have no major skin diseases or disorders
  • Overall healthy condition

Benefits of Vampire Face lift include

  • Helps to improve texture and tone of the skin
  • Smoothen the wrinkles and fine lines
  • Growth of new collagen


The procedure at Aestiva Clinic is done under local anesthesia to give comfort to the patient. Patient's blood will be drawn from their own body in a small quantity and then centrifuged in centrifugation machine to isolate the significant quantity of platelet-rich-plasma. The isolated platelets have growth factors. Then the procedure continues with the injecting of these growth factors into the patient's skin by using fine needles. This results in healing of injured tissues, production of new collagen and improve the blood circulation. Patients can expect a smooth, natural and youthful skin after the procedure.


The procedure takes about an hour to complete. Minimum three sittings are recommended to every patient for the achievement of optimum results after the procedure.

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